We are a full-service Immigration boutique

Achieving our clients’ dreams is our goal.

We are a full-service Immigration boutique.

Our mission is to exceed the expectations of both corporate and individual clients by providing smart solutions to complex immigration issues.

Our mission is executed by:
• Using the most current immigration legal database to expedite workload in the most
efficient and effective manner, thus reducing costs for our clients.
• Working with our clients on a one-on-one basis to communicate the status and
progress of their cases;
• Staying abreast of the ever-changing body of immigration law and agency policies.


we have a track record of success. We win victories in court and before federal agencies.

When obstacles are presented, we find solutions and maintain a collaborative and professional approach to working with federal agencies and use our collective brainpower to achieve victories.

With every client a win is a personal achievement.


With considerable public policy and legal experience, our attorneys bring an outstanding range of legislative, public and private backgrounds to tackle immigration issues.

Our lead immigration attorney is among a select few New Jersey attorneys who are Board Certified by the New Jersey Board of Legal Specialization in Immigration and Nationality Law.


By accepting leadership responsibilities in Immigration policy and advocacy organizations, our attorneys are keenly aware of what is needed and where to go to find answers to problems.

We are able to provide up to the minute responses and adaptation to changes in immigration law that may impact our clients’ matters.


We pride ourselves in serving the community in which we practice.

The leadership prides itself on being from New Jersey.

With offices located near the heart of New York our goal is to be close to our clients and the community which we serve.


We have the know-how and desire to realize our clients’ immigration goals.

We are well-versed in handling a wide array of Immigration and Nationality law cases.

There exists an alphabet of visas – immigrant and non-immigrant – in U.S. Immigration law – each with its own set of nuances.

We navigate the process for our clients to achieve the desired result.

We look forward to providing you with comprehensive assistance with your immigration needs.

Should you be in need of immigration assistance and would like to consult with an experienced attorney, please complete the Online Form Consultation.

Legal services

We are a full service immigration practice which handles permanent visas, employment visas, fiancé visas, citizenship services, asylum, and defense against deportation in Immigration Court.

Defense Against Deportation

Permanent Visas. Obtaining your permanent residency or “green card” allows an individual to work and lived in the United States.

Usually people get their green cards through a family member or through their employers.

However, there are other ways to get a green card:

Family Member – Who can apply for you?
Employment Visas – Who can apply for you?

Investment Visas

Fiancé Visas

Diversity Visas

Violence Against Women Visas


If you are being charged by Immigration and Customs Enforcement as deportable from the United States, our attorneys can defend you.

We handle cases before the Immigration Courts, the Board of Immigration Appeals and the Federal Circuit Courts.

We represent our clients to the full letter of the law.

Do not waive your rights by signing a deportation officer, speak to an attorney and your consulate and find out what your rights are to remain legally in the United States.


In addition to providing legal service, our law office is committed to providing  service to our community through legal orientations, seminars, and rights presentations.

We would be happy to provide your organization or company with a presentation about general immigration laws and the proposed laws that are currently being considered by the U.S. Congress.

In our experience, we have found that many individuals do not receive legal information from reliable sources (i.e., those who are not authorized to practice law) and there is a great need in the community to disseminate accurate and educational information.

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