There are less than 2,000 interior enforcement agents at ICE

There are less than 2,000 interior enforcement agents at ICE, but more than 700,000 state and local police officers across the country, so even casual enforcement would have a tremendous impact.

Every police officer has the inherent authority to make immigration arrests, and the Department of Justice backs that up for both criminal and civil violations.

Every year 300,000 calls are made to ICE from local law enforcement officials who are exercising their right to arrest in immigration violations.

The Supreme Court said officers do not need reasonable suspicion to 6 ask for name, date, and place of birth or immigration status.

Local assistance is most helpful in four contexts: terrorists, absconders, gangs and alien smuggling.

Four of the 9/11 hijackers had been previously stopped for speeding by state and local officials, and there is a system to disseminate information from the federal government to locals.

Forty thousand immigration law absconders were listed during a federal initiative, and almost half of them have been arrested, most during traffic stops by local law enforcement.

The violent street gang MS-13 now operates in 33 states, and a majority of the members are here illegally. Local officials shared names of gang members with ICE, which led to the arrest of103 people in the country illegally.

Los Angeles had 515 murders in 2004, and 291 were gang-related.

Smugglers stopped for traffic violations are often caught by local law enforcement and this must continue. In the ordinary course of law enforcement police officers may, based on reasonable suspicion, ask about immigration status, even outside the context of an arrest.

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