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Standard For Professional Publicactions | o1b visa o1-b visa. Standard For Professional Publicactions | o1b visa | o1-b visa.

In Russell v. I.N.S., No. 98 C 6132, 2001 WL 11055 (N.D. Ill. Jan. 4, 2001) the District Court rejected INS’s position that articles from Chicago newspapers did not demonstrate that Russell had “major media” attention because the newspapers were not national media. The Court noted: “Nowhere in the relevant language of the INS regulation is there a requirement that the submitted media publications be from news outlets throughout the country”. Id at 15.

Thus, USCIS should focus on the circulation of the publication, of the editorial influence of the media source, rather than solely whether the publication is national in scope.

Further, there is no requirement that published material be primarily about the beneficiary and the beneficiary’s work. In Muni v. I.N.S., 891 F. Supp. 440 (N.D. Ill. 1995), the Court held that “published material about [Muni] in professional or major trade publications or other major media, relating to [his] work in the field for which classification is sought” was sufficient to satisfy this criterion. Id. at 445. The Court noted that the “articles do not establish that Muni is one of the stars… but that is not the applicable standard”. Id.

Instead, the court found that “the articles Muni submitted, which appeared in various newspapers and hockey magazines, clearly fit the requirement”. Id.

A similar holding was set in Racine v. INS, 1995 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 4336 at 17, 1995 WL 153319 at 6 (N.D. III 1995). There, the Court found that “INS was not following its own regulations when it held that there are no articles which state that Racine is ‘one of the best in the field'”. Like the Court in Muni, Racine held that “articles [that] … demonstrate his work within his field” were sufficient to meet this criterion. Id.

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