Local police enforcement of immigration laws

We all recognize that 9/11 brought immigration to the attention of the public, along with the subject of local police enforcement of immigration laws.

A lot of our efforts are to fight terrorism now, although the tradition in the past has been to preclude local police from enforcing immigration law.

Specific agreements are needed if the local governments are going to enforce immigration civil immigration law.

The reason is that every law enforcement authority that gets involved with immigration law must have training and certification.

We should not have a piecemeal solution, but comprehensive immigration reform, and we can’t let emotion get in the way. No one wants to be subject to extra questions because they’re brown, or Latino, or racially profiled any more than they already are.

What is proposed specifically does that. Civil rights leaders and religious leaders all over the country are opposed to it.

It is clear that delegating authority for immigration enforcement to local law enforcement contradicts decades of federal case law and policy, and it’s dubious on constitutional grounds.

He maintains that immigrant communities and people who are undocumented do not trust local authorities and are unwilling to cooperate.

A few people will come forward but there’s a tremendous unwillingness to cooperate with the police if there’s going to be enforcement of immigration laws.

We need comprehensive immigration reform, and a reasonable debate about what is best for the people of this country, and the economy of this country.

Even though emotion is involved, we cannot let emotion get in the way.

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