International Family Law – International Family Lawyer

International Family Law – International Family Lawyer. International Family Law – international family lawyer – international family law group.

Our firm offers services in all Family Law cases, from simple uncontested divorces to complex litigation involving International Child Custody, International Child abduction, and distribution of marital assets located in Italy or other countries.

International Family Law Cases

Cases that we handle include, but are not limited to:

International family law dispute resolution and litigation
International child custody, Visitation rights, and support
International child abduction cases in the United States involving Italian family law
Protection for the victim of domestic violence
Family-based Immigration petitions and deportation matters
Most of the International Family law cases involve parents living in different countries that fight over the custody of their children.

Our International Family Lawyers provide prompt and competent legal representation for parents that:

wish to take their children to visit Italy or other foreign countries
want to prevent their children being taken on such trips abroad
want to prevent international abduction of their children by the other parent
want to relocate to Italy or other foreign countries with their children
want to prevent the relocation abroad of their children

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