The Appeal Process. New Jersey Immigration Appeals Lawyer

Appeals can first be made to the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA).
If your immigration request is still denied, it can next be taken to the federal court.
You must find out the specific requirements for each stage of the process that you encounter.
Decisions that are denied by any party carry a 30-day time limit to be appealed with the next higher authority.
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Appeals Lawyer in New York and New Jersey

Federal Appeals Lawyer. Appeals Lawyer

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Post Conviction Relief for Immigrants

Immigrants that convicted of a crime are at risk of and banning from ever coming back and being deported from the United States. Illegal and non-immigrant may be precluded from ever getting a Green Card, and may be detained by the Immigration & Customs Enforcement agents.

Reopening Criminal Cases

A PCR (Petition for Post Conviction Relief) could be filed within 5 years of the original convictions In New Jersey.

A conviction may be vacated for::

– Substantial denial in the conviction procees of defendant’s rights under the state or U.S. Constitution
– Lack of jurisdiction of the court to impose the judgment rendered upon defendant’s conviction;
– Imposition of sentence in excess of or otherwise not in accordance with the sentence authorized by law.

Under Federal immigration law, a crime is considered an “Aggravated Felony” if it involves fraud, intent to procure serious bodily injuries, possession of a weapon, or possession of a controlled substance, and the Court imposed a sentence of incarceration of 1 year or more.

There is no waiver available for an immigrant convicted of an Aggravated Felony, and the exceptions to this rule are limited.

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There are a lot of people here illegally who have paid dearly to produce and contribute to the economy of this country

We should work toward common ground, even though the system is broken on all sides.

We need to match the need for labor with the available labor.

There is no simplistic solution, and our children are not going to take those low wage jobs, the menial jobs. Seven percent of the native born population does not have a high school diploma, so there’s not a sufficient supply of labor, as the Department of Labor says that 20 percent of our future jobs are service industry jobs. 9 Even today, the visa program cannot respond fast enough to agricultural needs.

When there’s a frost and hundreds of workers are needed there is still a cumbersome delay as the needs fluctuate. Immigration reform is needed, and there’s a lot of frustration.

How are we going to deport masses of people? You can’t address one part of the interlocking system without triggering consequences at the other end. Agriculture is time-sensitive.

California needs 50,000 workers, and it’s comparable to what happened to the price of gas when a couple of hurricanes hit.

There are a lot of people here illegally who have paid dearly to produce and contribute to the economy of this country, and without them there just won’t be a functioning system.

There is a need to deport certain elements, but there’s not a lot of public agreement on who else to deport.

We need to take the debate beyond border control and beyond benefits like medical care. Seventy percent of all unpaid hospital bills in this country are native born people.


Stay of Deportation

Expelling a foreigner from the country is a deportation is the process.

While you attempt to get your case reopened or reconsidered, you may want to postpone removal if you are facing deportation as a non.citizen.

An order directly the Department of Homeland Security to refrain from removing an immigrant from the United States is done by a an I-246 stay of deportation

From the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) or from a Federal Court it can granted.

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Citizenship Naturalization Consultation Service

We provides a citizenship and naturalization consultation.

This service is one of the integral services we provide.

With just a 15 minute consultation, whether you complete your application through our service or alone, many of the complications in the application process can be avoided.

How it works?

Our service is simple.

We request that you submit a questionnaire to our office answering questions about your status, so that the immigration attorney can review your situation and be familiar with your case when consulting with you.

This allows us to be more efficient and precise as well as completely knowledgeable on your situation when your matter is to be discussed over the phone or internet.

We conduct a 15 minute consultation, highlighting all the issues that may be of concern in you case.

And emphasizing what can be done in your situation.

What is covered in our consultation?

We review your submitted questionnaire.

We review any immigration documents that you might have received prior, if you wish to submit it to us.

We review any criminal records or conviction documents you may have, if you wish to submit them.

We review any documentation that you feel may affect your immigration application.


What You Should Know About DUI DWI Lawyer

When it comes to the issue of DUI DWI lawyer, there are many different things that you have to think about.

After all, finding DWI attorneys is a process which is incredibly important and complex, and so you really need to know what you are doing before you even begin the process of finding DWI attorneys, so that you can come out with the best possible results.

Finding DWI Attorneys

When you are trying to find DWI attorneys, one of the first things that you are going to want to do is make a list of all the available attorneys of this type that are available so that you can be aware of all of your different options, and then work forward from there.

You want to make sure that you talk to each attorney on your list and ask them how much they are expecting you to pay for their services, and this includes asking them whether or not they are expecting a retaining fee.

If they are, then you are going to have to make sure that you have the proper amount of money saved up, so that you will be ready to pay the retaining fee when you need to.

One of the next things that you are going to have to do is make appointments with each of the dui lawyers, so that you can go in and speak with them each yourself, not only so that you can see whether or not you like them, but as well so that you can ask them any other questions that you may have.

If you are worried that you are not going to be able to remember the questions that you are going to want to ask, then one good idea is to make a list, so that you can bring the list into the appointments with you and then you will be able to rest assured knowing that you will not end up forgetting what you wanted to ask.

Remember to take your time and have patience, so that you do not get frustrated, and so that you can really be as satisfied as you can be in the end, because this is what really matters.

With all the great options that are out there in regards to DWI attorneys, you are sure to be able to find one that is really great and perfect for you.


Proposition 200 passed and showed illegal immigration was on the front burner.

Three events happened in the last year which attracted a lot of the attention we’ve been trying to get on this issue, and two of them happened here in Arizona.

Proposition 200 passed and showed illegal immigration was on the front burner. The Minutemen have had amazing media penetration.

And talk radio has become the new mainstream media in this country. Now we’re solution oriented, and one of them is employer sanctions.

Unless we end the magnet of employment in this country we will not be able to stem illegal immigration. Congress created employer sanctions in 1986, but the execution failed because of the large scale market for fake documents.

Employers are rarely if ever prosecuted.

Capturing terrorists is important work, but it’s not the only work that needs to be done by immigration enforcement officials.

There is an effective document verification pilot program, but it’s still voluntary. Employers are at a competitive disadvantage when the comply with the law, so the federal government should assume responsibility for verifying which aliens are legally in the country and entitled to take jobs.

Agriculture has become addicted to cheap labor, so the public must pressure Congress to implement these reforms.

It is better to start locally. We need to motivate elected officials in Washington to do something about the problem, it’s not just the border states anymore.

Border Patrol is not a social service agency, it’s a law enforcement agency. They started spot inspections in meat packing plants and found a lot of illegal immigrants, but under pressure from senators from those states they began giving 72 hour notices and no more illegal immigrants were being found, so they stopped the inspections.

We could have employment eligibility verification at the speed of light. We don’t need the labor, it’s a commodity like any other commodity, and we need to pull together as Americans and defend our nation.