Immigrant and Non-immigrant petitions for family members and naturalization cases

We offer you, your family, institution or business a unique and personal immigration solution.
Our experience has taught us that every case is unique and requires us to think ever more creatively in the midst of this ever-changing and demanding realm of immigration law.
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You will be able to speak directly with Sonseere about your case when you make your first call to us.
We want you to feel at ease when you describe your case and ask questions.
At that time we will schedule an appointment for you to come in and meet with us to review your options.
In our office you are more than just a legal file or case number.
We won’t try to fit you into someone else’s immigration strategy, rather, the strategy needs to fit only you!
We can also easily arrange for interpretive or translation services for any language, if this will be of assistance to you.
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Immigrant and Non-immigrant petitions for family members and naturalization cases.
National interest waiver matters.
PERM, H1-B, J-1 exchange visitor and H2 visas, “Green cards”, litigation in U.S. District Court and the U.S. Courts of Appeals, student visas, O and P visas, Medical, Occupational, and Nursing Professional visa petitions.
Appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals.
Difficult immigration matters requiring a creative solution.
How long will my case take to process?
This all depends on the type of case, but for a family-based petition for a husband or a wife, you are probably looking at it taking one year from your first consultation with us to receiving your green card from the Department of Homeland Security.
Once we have all the required information from you, we aim to have your application submitted within two weeks.
Delays to this process can occur if we are not provided with all the documentation required from you.
Once your case is filed and you have received a receipt number from the USCIS, you will be able to track the status of your case online.
You should be aware that it is not uncommon for cases to take several months for the USCIS to process.
Most business cases are eligible for a premium processing fee, which means once the case is filed the CIS they will be able to make a decision in one to two weeks.
If your case does not immediately fit a visa category, then the wait can be longer.
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