Illegal immigration accompanies criminal enterprises

Illegal immigration accompanies criminal enterprises like smuggling rings, drug rings, human trafficking, identity theft and terrorism.

Local law enforcement routinely encounters illegal aliens of all cultures and races, so it’s common sense to involve them in looking for immigration violators.

Law enforcement agencies make do with the resources they have. Local officers should not be sidelined, that’s a terrible attitude.

All law enforcement should cooperate, that’s key to homeland security, it’s the eyes and ears on the home front.

The idea that immigrant 7 communities will lose their trust of law enforcement if they know the law could be used against them is just an excuse.

We get a lot of information from informants, and we continue to, because the police have the authority to exercise that discretion.

Plenty people get stopped for traffic violations and don’t get tickets, the same is true of emergency calls.

There are hundreds of officers on patrols, they know the area, and they can spot crime and things that are out of the area.

When it comes to illegal immigration, that’s an untapped resource that could be used.

There should be good training of the officers, it’s just a question of who pays for it.

Even drug dealers come in and turn on each other, and they get caught them all the time.

People never stop calling for help. Local police know their beats better than the chief, and they know the people in the communities, and they need to be properly trained.

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