i-601 instructions. I-601 Waiver: Who qualifies?

i-601 instructions. I-601 Waiver: Who qualifies?. i-601 instructions . I-601 Waiver: Who qualifies?

There are three ways a non-citizen can qualify for an I-601 waiver.

First, a waiver applicant can prove that he or she has certain U.S. citizen or permanent resident family members that would suffer extreme and unusual hardship if the waiver if not granted. Second, an I-601 waiver can be sought when there is an interval of at least 15 years between the criminal act and the application for adjustment of status, if the non-citizen can prove rehabilitation and can show that his or her case deserves a favorable exercise of discretion. Finally, an application for an I-601 waiver can be filed by an approved self-sponsored VAWA applicant.

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