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Green card processing time eb1- eb2 – eb3. Renewal of the 2 year Green Card.

In marriage-based petitions, the immigrant spouse will be granted conditional permanent residence if the marriage was contracted less than 24 months preceding the approval of the immigrant petition.

During the 90 days preceding the 2-year conditional residence period (which is also the expiration of the Green Card), the conditional resident must file a petition to remove the conditions of residence.

If a petition for removal of conditions is not filed, the immigrant spouse will be placed into deportation proceedings by the U.S. government, and will be likely removed from the United States.

Instead, if the petition is filed timely and is approved, the immigrant spouse will receive a 10-year Green Card.

It is also important to know that spouses of U.S. citizens can apply for U.S. Citizenship after only 3 years having received the initial Green Card.

The petition can be filed jointly by both spouses, or can be filed by the conditional permanent resident alone.

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