Bringing in and Harboring Illegal Aliens – 8 usc 1326 – 8 usc 1324

Bringing in and Harboring Illegal Aliens – 8 usc 1326 – 8 usc 1324. Bringing in, Transporting, & Harboring Aliens – 8 usc 1326 – 8 usc 1324

It is often the case that corporations, companies, and individual citizens seize the chance to exploit the illegal status of illegal immigrants for financial gain. However, employers who blatantly ignore workers’ illegal status may face serious consequences

The following are all prohibited under U.S. immigration law:

Bringing undocumented aliens to the U.S. without authorization or prior approval.
Transporting illegal immigrants within the U.S.
Encouraging foreign nationals to enter the U.S. without authorization.
Conspiracy to commit and/or aiding the execution of any of the aforementioned acts.
Harboring aliens is any action that can significantly facilitate an alien’s capacity to stay in the United States illegally. It is unlawful for anyone to harbor, hide, or shield from detection by any means (including building or motor vehicle) a foreign national who is not a legal resident of the U.S. Even if an alien gained legal entry, once they lose legal status those who help him/her stay can be found guilty of harboring.

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