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Appellate Law Practice. Appeals Lawyer. Appellate Law Practice. Appeals Lawyer.

Appeal your Civil or Criminal case in New Jersey

In New Jersey, the Appellate Division of the Superior Court hears appeals from the final judgments of the Law Division and the Chancery Division of the Superior Court, final judgments of the Tax Court and final decisions of State administrative agencies.

The Appellate Division is divided into eight parts of four or five judges each. Judges are rotated among the parts on an annual basis. Unlike the federal and some other state appellate courts, appeals are not allocated among the parts on a territorial basis, and Appellate Division precedent is equally binding statewide.

Municipal Court cases are appealed to the Superior Court, which conducts a trial de novo based on the record of the Municipal Court trial.

An Appeal to the Appellate Division starts with filing of Notice of Appeal within 45 days of the date the judgment is filed. Within this term, the appellant must also order transcripts of the Superior Court trial with the Court reporter. Within 45 days of receiving the transcripts, the appellant must file a brief in support of his appeal.

Municipal Court and Interlocutory appeals are subject to a shorter 20-day period to be filed.

If you lost your case in New Jersey, you need to speak to an Appellate Lawyer as soon as possible. Our office has experience handling both civil and criminal appeals.

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