There are four thousand adjudicators that decide on green cards and visa, and a third of them do not have access to any criminal or terrorist records.

The battle lines are drawn in Arizona, and Arizonans have been successful in getting this issue in front of the American Public.

Prop 200 was an important, uphill battle against the political establishment, as is the Minutemen.

The fence in San Diego is applauded by people on both sides of the border, because of the drug activity and the smuggling caused both sides of the border to be lawless areas which also destroyed the land.

The fence went up and now property values are skyrocketing, but putting up the fence is only part of the answer.

Before talking about a guest worker program we need border protection and interior enforcement.

There are four thousand adjudicators that decide on green cards and visa, and a third of them do not have access to any criminal or terrorist records.

They process six million applications per year, and they’re in a complete meltdown. We don’t have time to wait and get this under control, which makes the Minutemen so important as well as the state and local governments.

The government of Mexico is aiding and abetting those who violate our laws, and they send back up to $20 billion.

Mexico should privatize its economy and address the corruption. There have even been military incursions from Mexico into the US.

The cult of multiculturalism is responsible for trying to destroy our unique identity and our rule of law. Our population is growing but it’s not because of the birth rate it’s because of immigration.

It’s caused by the economic problems in those countries, and there are also environmental reasons to be concerned about illegal immigration.

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How to apply for american citizenship?

On the jus soli based American Citizenship, also known as birthright citizenship.

Under the 14º Amendment of the U.S.

“All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside”, Constitution.

As a result, many women are coming to the USA by “citizenship tourism”. On this way, they are giving birth on American soil so that their child acquire automatically American Citizenship.

Those born abroad from one or both U.S. Citizen parents also acquire American Citizenship.

U.S. Consulates abroad issue a consular Report of Birth Abroad.

Besides birth in the USA, Citizenship should be acquired by the naturalization process.

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What is the processing time for Form I-130?

If you are filing or about to file Form I-130 and you are a citizen or permanent resident of the United States, you may help a foreign family member obtain a Green Card.

The purpose of this form is to establish your relationship to the relative you want to sponsor.

To do so, you will need to prove that a family law relationship exists between the petitioner and the beneficiary.

Also, the petitioner will have to prove to have enough income or assets to support your relative when they come to the United States.

In case of a spouse, the I-130 petition will have to be filed with strong evidence of good faith marriage, due to recent enforcement of the laws against marriage fraud.

Those engaging in marriage fraud face up to 5 years in jail and fines up to $250,000.

The immigration consequences of criminal convictions for marriage fraud are also very harsh.

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The deterioration of the border is a cause for reform from not only the federal but state and local government as well.

The deterioration of the border is a cause for reform from not only the federal but state and local government as well.

Crime is at the core of our concern, and Arizona is disproportionately affected.

The connection between illegal immigration and crime is clear and unavoidable.

We’ve passed a human smuggling law, because if we can target people who are at the center of criminal activity is has a multiplier effect on the overall crime rate.

Illegal immigrants are not victims, if they come here illegally they are breaking our laws and we need to recognize that. Many illegal immigrants are not held responsible in our courts for their crimes because they post bail and slip back across the border or even get deported by immigration officials.

Arizona will have a measure on the ballot next year to end the right of illegal immigrants accused of serious felonies to get out on bail. An alleged triple murderer recently escaped to Mexico, and we could not seek the death penalty or a sentence of life without parole in order to have him extradited.

This is extortion on the part of the Mexican government. Arizona has the highest crime rate in the nation, and it’s connected to identity theft and illegal immigration.

Law-breaking is endorsed by the Valley’s leading Spanish newspaper because they advocate using false documents. Each prosecution for identity theft costs $11,000, which hurts our economy.

Identity theft should not be part of the American dream. Non-citizens have been prosecuted here for violating the sanctity of the ballot by registering to vote, and also later claiming not to be citizens when called for jury duty.

We have a sense of human rights, and should not tolerate the excuses for having a sub class of people who are denied those rights.

There are good faith disagreements on these issues, so name-calling is misplaced. What ties us together is our citizenship, and it is appropriate for us to decide how we constitute our republic and deal with threats to our citizenship and public safety.

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What is the current green card processing time?

What is the current green card processing time?

There are family-based and employment-based green card processes, and within the employment-based division, there are numerous ways to proceed, depending on the nature of the employment. The University of Illinois handles three types of employment-based green cards as described below.

The type of green card process used puts the employee into a particular preference category which, when combined with the individual’s country of birth, determines his/her placement within the Immigration quota.

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Canada has long had a very liberal immigration policy.

There won’t be any increases in civilian enforcement personnel in the immediate future.

The full time backup operations should be restored, like transportation checks in the airline, bus and train terminals and on the highways. Most illegal immigrants are not from Mexico and they are being arrested but released the same day.

We were promised the last amnesty was a one-time event, and we’ve had seven more amnesties since then. Last time they planned on 1.2 to two million applicants, but got 3.2 million applications. Last time we had counterfeit document vendors selling fakes within sight of immigration offices.

We need rigid enforcement of the employer sanctions laws, and we need a counterfeit-resistant and electronically verifiable Social Security card.

We should also do a better job standing up to Mexico and President Fox when he makes his demands. Combining the many different jobs and divergent missions into one agency, Homeland Security, was a huge mistake.

There’s nothing wrong with eliminating the anchor baby, or citizenship for the children of illegal aliens born here.

Canada has long had a very liberal immigration policy.

The Minutemen are nothing more than responsible citizens calling attention to the irresponsible failure of the federal government, they are heroes.

The rank and file border patrol say the Minutemen behave very well and did their job, at their assigned locations and didn’t stir up trouble.

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There is an effect on consumer prices in areas with high illegal immigrant populations,

If we separate terrorism from illegal immigration, we can look at the wages which attract the workforce.

In Latin America the prospect is that one can never own property, and in most Latin countries the lower 75% can not transfer property, as they don’t have property rights.

So the pressure on our country is excessive, especially now that socialism and communism could be 11 spreading in Latin America.

When the border is tightened, the profit for coyotes increases as does the motive to become more sophisticated, so the price rose from $400 to $1,000 for a coyote to get someone over the border.

There is an effect on consumer prices in areas with high illegal immigrant populations, and services like housecleaning, babysitting, landscaping and agricultural is 24 percent less than in other parts of the country.

Most troubling is the increased level of government in the lives of Americans, and we need to think about issues and solutions that don’t enhance the role of government in our individual lives.

Do we want officers inspecting every house in America to see if there’s an illegal housekeeper?

Do we want to sacrifice our individual liberties?

We need to look at what’s going on in Mexico, because the wages earned here and sent there are their second largest source of revenue. Closing the border is not going to do it, but will only raise the cost, and it will be like the war on drugs. We need more than just a simple answer like putting the military on the border.

The biggest problem with the economies of Latin America is that a high percentage of the population have no private property ownership.

They’re squatters with no mortgages, and it’s a movement away from private ownership and toward socialism.

We need to figure out how we can give them a chance to improve their lives without damaging what goes on in the states.

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